Navi Merchants A/S

Vessel Operator located in Hamburg or Copenhagen

Navi Merchants, a subsidiary of the Copenhagen Merchants group, acting as the freight provider for both internal and external clients, is currently looking for a

Vessel Operator located in Hamburg or Copenhagen

Some things will not be different, from what you already know!
You can't plan your day. Even when you're off, you're still on. The results of your work are often visible only to a few. And even though you may be right, accepting not being right can lead to a good solution.

So, what will be different?
We promise that you have never experienced a company like Navi Merchants. One thing is that we as a part of the family-owned Copenhagen Merchants Group in general are spoiled. Another thing is that you will become part of a unique and welcoming culture, with a team of 20 dedicated shipping colleagues, that always go the extra mile to help and support each other.

So, what should you do if you're curious for more?
We continuously interview candidates, so please apply sooner rather than later. Feel free to include a brief application or motivation, and we consider it a plus if you also include a short video presentation of yourself (max. 30 seconds).

If you have questions about the position, the team, the
company, or your new manager, feel free to call Simon Bach at 6013 10 10.


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Navi Merchants A/S

Simon Bach

Hamburg oder Kopenhagen

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