Mares Shipping GmbH

Mares Shipping GmbH

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Founded in 1975 Mares Shipping is an international trading company in spare parts and technical equipment for ships and stationary plants.

The Hamburg based company, employing 70 people, covers an almost complete itinerary of more than 400,000 spare parts for various manufacturers and units and supplies to over 800 customers in 75 countries.

Engine part stocks range from small and wearing parts such as O-rings, injection equipment, gasket sets for cylinder heads and bearing shells to large parts such as pistons, cylinder liners, piston rods, camshafts and crankshafts.

The multi-lingual, multi-national staff is the company’s capital. Their long years of experience, their competence and reliability form the basis of an excellent service.


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Mattentwiete 8
20457 Hamburg


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