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The Company - Our Goals - Our Mission

Starting in 2007 as a sales agency in Germany, the portfolio has been increasingly expanded. Now we are a system provider of complete solutions when it comes to the field of measurement technology on board. These include advice to the customer, depending on requirements and budget, delivery of measurement technology, service providers, support and training.
As well, sales and service are being steadily expanded, with the result that a large scale network will be available with global agents.
OUR MISSION – YOUR SUPPORT is our philosophy and our motto for support and advising our customers.

Father and Daughter: Kay Paschen (Founder & Managing director) und Nadine Paschen (Managing director)


Only reliable, easy to use and best quality equipment fit to our specification.


Good Products and Services for reasonable prices. That is our aim.


Flexibility, Reliability, fast response. Satisfied customers is our important goal.


Always close to the customer in order to understand the needs and requirements. Many years of experience flow into the offered products. Knowledge transfer to the company succession and the team are very essential.


You have a measurement problem, we have the solution.
We see ourselves as your support to offer measuring technology according to your requirements.


A huge network of specialists in different areas help us to give an excellent consultation for your questions.

Our Products & Services

Engine Performance Monitoring

Measurement & Monitoring of the combustion process and propulsion system.

Nondestructive Material Testing (NDT)

Material and Coating thickness measurement.

Flow Measurement

Volume flow and mass flow measurement with a wide range of measuring technology.

Emission Measurement

Exhaust Gas Measurement of CO2, O2, SO2, NOx, methane slip.

Condition Monitoring

System monitoring with a wide range of measuring technology.


Consultation, Service and Training.

Shaftpower (TORXmeter®)

The TORXmeter® shaft power measurement system is one of the most costeffective and easy-to-install solution to measure permanent the speed, torque, and power on shafts and assistive technology for calculating the fuel consumption.

Cylinder pressure (PMImkII)

The PMImkII measure the dynamic cylinder pressures of large two- and four-stroke diesel and gas engines. Unequal load distributions (MIP, Pind) between the cylinders of the engine and the compliance of max. permissible pressure values (Pmax, Pmax, Pmean) can be analysed quickly and reliably.

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